Pronounce American English Clearly For Professional Impact

Because Fluency Equals Credibility

Open More Doors With Clear and Confident Speech

Are you tired of constantly being asked to repeat yourself?

Transitioning to the English language can make you feel like an outsider, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can open new doors to personal and professional relationships when you speak clearly and confidently.

Because, it’s not only what you say but how you say it that affects how others perceive you.

Being able to communicate clearly so staff and clients can follow your lead is critical to your success. You can make friends, bud a new romance and upgrade your professional impact fast with speech and language training.

Take your American English Speaking Skills to the next level!

Training in Pacing, Intonation, and Speaking Helps You Communicate A Clear Message When It Counts

Honor Your Cultural Identity With Customized Speech Training

Would you like to speak clear, easy-to-understand American English without losing your unique cultural voice?

Your identity comes first!

My clients come from many countries including: China, Venezuela, India, Turkey, and Russia, to name a few—and generally have a moderate to advanced knowledge of English.

They are business and industry executives, professionals, physicians, scientists, technologists, hospital personnel, educators, spouses and family members—a wide range of experts who share the desire to speak clear, easy-to-understand American English, so they can enhance their personal and professional success.

My clients know I’m a fierce advocate for honoring your cultural identity as foundation of our accent modification work as well as making the process meaningful for your specific goals.

Do you desire to up-level your career, negotiate higher salaries, be chosen for advancement, be seen as powerful leader and command the respect of your colleagues all while having fun and enjoying the process? 

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