Speech Coach Pam Volz

Frequently Asked Questions About Speech Lessons

What is “Accent Modification?”

This term is used to represent the approach of taking someone’s speech and modifying it. Having an accent is about being authentic. These lessons are about adding a skill, not removing one. You will be able to use this new skill any time that you choose. You will not lose any part of your identity. Nor is Pam able to eliminate an accent. She will teach you how to speak clearly, smoothly, confidently and be better understood.

What does a Speech Coach do?

Our goal is to help people improve their speaking ability to be more successful and productive in their professional and personal lives. From casual conversation to professional business interactions, you can learn how to change your voice to communicate clearly and create the impression that represents your best.

Why would I need a Speech Coach?

While you may be highly proficient in the English language, your ability to express yourself may be a different story. Many clients agree that they were taught English reading and writing, but pronouncing English was never in their lessons. Often their teachers were also non-native English speakers, and did not know the slight nuances that are important when communicating in American English.

Living in the United States for many years does not correlate with the ability to be a good speaker. Total immersion of a language is helpful for learning a language. Many of Pam’s clients have been living in the United States for 20 years, and they still were unable to change their speaking skills by themselves. Pronouncing words and using the correct rhythm requires a professional Speech Coach to help you hear the differences and then direct you to make the changes that will make the most impact.

How long are your coaching classes?

Learning a new way to speak is a process just like acquiring a new habit. It takes time to understand what to do, time to practice for new muscle memory, and time to use these new skills in your daily life.
This process takes 3-months.

Why Choose Pam?

Pam has been working in the field of communication skills for 30 years. She has taught thousands of people how to pronounce sounds, choose effective words and sentences and how to take command of their voice. She is a certified Speech Coach, using her skills as a former medical Speech-Language Pathologist and holds a certificate in clinical competence. Pam is passionate to help each person reach their full potential and succeed in their goals.

Let Pam help you be heard and understood!