Affordable Speech Programs Available

  • Private Coaching 1:1

  • Semi-Private Group Lessons

  • In-Person locally in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Remote using Video-Conference format

  • STARTER KIT 2-sessions
    • Perfect for those prepared to study independently.
    • Two Private Sessions with Pam
    •  Recording Your Voice (45-minutes) and Consultation (45-minutes)
    • • Receive a written report detailing all of your sounds and guidance for studying on your own.
  • Professional Impact

    Everything you need to match your professional expertise with your American English speaking voice.  Sound confident and natural.

    • 60-minutes each week of personal training
    • In-person in the Pittsburgh, PA area or Online video-conferencing using Zoom.
    • Daily practice with recordings to repeat.  This is most important for being able to use your new skills in your daily conversations.
    • Written assignments each week to rehearse target goals in words, sentences and stories.
    • Customized for you. Using your professional words, your conversations.

    You may choose to continue per month.  3-months is recommended for transferring your new speaking skills into your daily work or personal use. Developing a new habit takes practice and time.

  • Express Lane
     Specific goals?   Time constraints?

    ★ Interview skills
    Learn how to answer interview questions with a variety of responses. Practice responses so that they sound spontaneous and not memorized. And most importantly be understandable.
    ★ Speeches/Lectures/Presentations
    Learn how to deliver your speech using power and personality. Your listeners will appreciate the difference.
    ★ Soft skills for conversations
    Initiating and maintaining conversation at your work or with clients is important for establishing a relationship and have a working relationship. Learn a variety conversational openers and responses to keep the conversation lines open.
    ★ Telephone skills
    Speaking on the telephone is very difficult for many people due to the inability to gather visual cues from each other. Learn how to speak clearly and naturally while on the telephone.
    ★ Voice Strengthening
    Do others ask you to speak louder? Do you notice that your voice does not sound as loud as you would like it to? Learn which strengthening exercises and speaking techniques are appropriate for you.

Please contact Pam to discuss your needs and pricing