PODCAST- Pronouncing Your Name

Master the pronunciation of American names. Boost your confidence while talking to friends or co-workers.  Here’s the top 10 male and female names that may be on your contact list!

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PODCAST- Pronouncing “Excuse me”

Learn how to politely interrupt someone on the street and ask for directions.


PODCAST- Pronouncing V in Contractions. All Native Speakers Use Contractions!

Contractions are difficult to pronounce because you have to say a few sounds together. Pronouncing the V sound is especially taunting for non-native speakers. Let’s put these two concepts together for the perfect practice to help you feel comfortable while using contractions in  your conversation.

PODCAST-Practicing the complicated vowel sound in the words LAUGH, GLAD and HAPPY!

This vowel sound may be common but it’s trick to say correctly!

Practice this sound AND learn how to use it & reduce it in conversations.

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PODCAST-Talk Like The Professional That You’re Are

Learn how the Pro’s do it.

Do you feel like you have been practicing and practicing  but are not making the gains that you’d like?  Here are the facts!

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