Pronouncing English With Pam Videos

Learning how to pronounce sounds and use the American English melody takes time and patience! Here are some videos to help you understand commonly difficult words and concepts. Check out our YouTube channel! Our latest video is about pronouncing the vowel sound O for the word FOCUS. This is important to learn especially if you are using this word in your profession. If the sound O is not pronounced fully, it may be embarrassing.

We Celebrated! How To Pronounce Past Tense

Today we Celebrate Our Anniversary! And yesterday we “celebrated”!  Since we are always talking about past events, let’s learn how to pronounce the -ED using the American English Pronunciation.  With regular verbs, we add an -ed to the verb to change the word to mean something that has happenED in the past. There are a few different ways to pronounce the ED sound, so to simplify this for you, here are the 2 most important pronunciation changes:

  1. If the verb ends in a T or a D, you will add an extra syllable at the end.

That extra syllable will sound like “did”

pound + ed (pounded) will sound like “poun-did” and wait + ed (waited) will sound like “wai + did”

2.   All other verbs will have a small sound at the end of the word.

cook + ed = “cookt

play + ed = “playd

Listen to this lesson and practice repeating after me.

And by the way, Happy Anniversary. It’s been 4 years since I have been recording my podcast. And thank you for listening!

Please comment below about  verbs + ed that  you have questions about.

Pam is Moving!

The Podcast that is! Pronouncing English With Pam Podcast is now on Spotify, iTunes, Google and more. Currently, updating each lesson for clear instructions and practice. I have over 150 podcasts to update, so each week, there should be plenty for you to listen to! Subscribe and share with your friends. Please contact me with your ideas for future lessons. As they say I am “all ears” for suggestions to make these lessons better for you.

I will be highlighting many of these lessons with additional information and behind the scenes fun facts. For now, listen to Episode 20 top 10 list of  words that are commonly mispronounced.  Let me know what you think!