3 Quick Accent Modification Tips to Activate Your Listener’s Attention

Could You Use Some Accent Modification Wisdom?

Have you ever met someone that talks too much? Or has a monotone voice quality that can put you to sleep? Could it be you that has a boring voice?

The last thing you want is your listener to “yawn” in boredom while your speaking!

Let’s look at this through the wisdom of Accent Modification.

Climbing the ladder of success in business and personal lives is what made Dale Carnegie famously author and instruct “How to Win Friends and Influence People” for the past 90 years!

Applicable today, Carnegie understood that speaking clearly and offering good communication skills are what is needed to assume leadership and ultimately the reason for higher earning power.

He first offered his courses to The Engineer Clubs and The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, realizing that it’s not about who knows the most technical information- but who has the personality and enthusiasm with others that is most successful.

 3 Accent Modification Tips to Get People to Listen

STEP #1: Record Your Voice For An Accent Modification Win

Hey you…The one reading this article.

I am talking to you.

Let’s take ownership.

You may know this information but until you realize that you can benefit from improving in your conversation, then why bother.

I encourage you to record your conversation. You have a recording app on your phone. Use it!

Action Step: Record how you sound while talking to a friend, or during your lunch break at work. Then stop listening to how weird your voice sounds (we all think that about ourselves!) and listen to your speaking skills.

Do you notice anything different? Do you interrupt others often? Does your voice sound like a robot or are there changes in your pitch or loudness?

Do you talk too fast, or seem to be searching for the right words?

STEP #2: “Accent Modification” Using The Power of the Pause

Whether you are giving a presentation or discussing an important topic with your co-workers, divide your sentences into short phrases. I like to call each of these “thought groups”.  Even if you pause for one second, it will sound pleasant to the listener and help the other person catch up with what you are saying.

For example, take this business comment:

 “I wonder if we need to look at conversion optimization before we raise our prices.”

Action Step: Now pause (even slightly) between thought groups:

“I wonder if we need to look at (Pause) conversion optimization (Pause) before we raise our prices.”

STEP #3: Stress Key Words for the Ultimate Accent Modification Win

This is a good time to consider placing stress on the words that you want to be heard.

 Stress a word by saying it louder, a little higher in pitch and stretch the vowel longer

  1. First thought group    ” I wonder if we need to look at”

Stress one of then last words in the thought group. Stress the verb “look”

     2.  Second thought group  “conversion optimization”

“conVERsion” is the word that defines what type of optimization you want to look at. That may be a good word to stress.

3. Third thought group  “before we raise our prices“

When there is not one specific word you are trying to convey, the last main word in the thought group will be the best one to stress.

In this case, “prices.”

Action Step: By offering changes in your voice, with pausing and inflection you are placing more personality in your conversation.

You have the expertise, now work on improving your ability to express yourself.

Try reading from a magazine or newspaper. Practice marking where you should pause and which words you should stress.  You will be amazed how these accent modification moves will get you new smiles, nods and appreciation on the job.

Would you like more information about this technique?  Contact me HERE to discuss your specific needs.