Is Accent Modification For You?

What is “Accent Modification”?

An accent is our own personal language fingerprint. It’s unique to those that learn a language other than the one they grew up with. In this current world, it is most important that we embrace our diversities. That is why the thought of accent modification seems like a bad idea.

Margaret’s Accent Modification Story

Margaret had been in the United States for a few years, she spoke 3 languages and was beginning her career in engineering. She was concerned that others in her department were not able to understand her during meetings and socially. She cringed when they would ask her to repeat herself again and again and when they nodded in agreement when she doubted they fully understood her meaning. 

In a few years, she hoped to advance to a managerial position and was concerned that her communication skills were getting in her way to advancement. She had heard about accent modification but she was concerned about losing her own cultural identity.

 I explained to Margaret that she will continue to have her accent, but will be able to confidently speak to others with clear, easy-to-understand English.

Like many of the brilliant professionals I support, Margaret was relieved to learn she didn’t have to give up what made her a unique and valuable person. In fact, I help my clients enhance their accent while making their words and messages sound crystal clear.

 Accent Modification Helps Others Connect With You 

“Accent Modification” means that someone is modifying the quality of their speaking skills. When we say accent reduction, accent improvement or accent elimination this tends to have a negative connotation by meaning that someone is trying to change an accent. And that’s not what what we want to create!

When I was thinking of names for my company, one thing was clear. I wanted to use my humor while conveying that my job is to seriously improve your speaking skills.

Funny or not, Professional Accent Modification, LLC  seemed to be the best fit.

Get it?

The acronym spells my name!

Accent Modification Can Be Fun!

Although it might sound like a surgical procedure, it’s far from it. If you like to have fun while you’re upgrading your professional skills, then you’ve landed in the right spot.

Contact me today to discuss how you can build stronger credibility in your profession by being seen, heard and understood as the brilliant asset you are!