How To Study Similar Sounds-And Learn 6 Similar Sounds While You’re At It!

Chances are that you learned to read and write English before you learned to have a conversation in English. Or maybe you were taught how to speak English from a teacher that did not have an American English accent. With all of these variables, it’s no wonder that there could be some confusion about sounds. It’s difficult enough to learn how to pronounce sounds that are not in your own native language’s sound system, how about learning how to speak English by reading words by yourself.  That is nearly impossible.  Why couldn’t we be more like the Italians and the Finnish written languages?  In their languages, each letter represents one sound so there is little ambiguity with how words should be pronounced. Lucky you.

Let’s do a study of 6 sounds. These sounds will play havoc with many languages for different reasons. So, for today’s lesson, I’d like for you to

 1. Make this chart. I put the sound symbols and unusual words in there for you.

Now, while you are listening to my podcast lesson, you can take notes inside each of these boxes. Did I say something that you would like to remember? Write it in the box! Also to help you understand how some of these  different sounds are spelled, I think it would be a good idea for you to write down the words.  Remember this is a lesson in SPEAKING ENGLISH.  So, while you are writing the word, say them out loud. Now your hand AND your mouth are moving.

Listen to  Pronounce English with Pam Podcast (below)  and

2. Repeat these sounds and words after me.  Easy-peasy (by the way, these s’s in easy-peasy sound like /z/ sounds.

3. Write these words in the correct boxes

Spelling for /s/ sound

s-     sorry, sensation, horse, this

c-     city, concept, vaccine, place, scent/cent

Spelling for / z /

z-     zero, magazine, buzz

s-     business, daisy, cheese, news, rise.  Many little words to memorize:  is, as, has, these, those

x-     exactly

Spelling for “sh”   / ʃ /

sh-    ship, Washington, wash

ce-    ocean,     ch- machine, moustache,     ci- special, official

s-     sugar,     se- nauseous,     sion- mansion,     su- tissue, sure

tion-  motion, option,      tial- partial

Spelling for “zh”  / ʒ /

g-     garage

su-     measure, treasure

si- division, vision

z-     azure, seizure

Spelling for “ch”  /t ʃ /

ch-    church, child     tch- watch, pitcher

tu-    natural, nature, situation

Spelling for “j”   / d ʒ /

dg-     judge,      du-  graduate,     di- soldier

j-     jump, injury,

g-    gentle, magic, orange     gg- exaggerate

Look for words that you use everyday. Study the sounds and 

4. repeat the words 10 times! Drill work will help your brain tell your mouth how to pronounce the sound a different way (that’s called “muscle memory”).

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