Ignite Your Interactions!

Ignite Your Interactions!

Award Winning Conversations

Becoming an effective English speaker is required every time you start talking. Imagine interacting better in your job, when you are meeting new friends, and even ordering take-out at your favorite place. This last one is the best for practicing any new English pronunciation tip. Basically, try this whenever English is being used.

When I was in my 20’s,  I had the opportunity to volunteer for an after-school program for kids that were home alone. It was called “Phone Friend” and the job was to answer the phone, talk to them, and help them feel safe. These were school-aged children who were home alone because their parents were working. When I was in my 20’s, THERE WERE NO CELL PHONES! Well, there were cell phones, but most people didn’t have them yet.  Can you imagine?!

We were trained for a few months in the art of communicating with children and also how to respond to emergencies. These were important conversational skills, because in order to keep the conversation going, we had to learn how to be excellent listeners. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a young child? As my husband would say, it would be easier to “herd kittens.”  ha! ha!

How to Keep the Ball Rolling

The training is called Active Listening and that is because

To be an effective, successful communicator, you must be a good listener

  I am always working at this skill.  Everyone speaks with the intention to get our information heard. Instead, try listening to your conversational partner first, respond to their words and then talk to them. The results are amazing.

Use These Phrases When Conversing

This week’s lesson is filled with tools for you to enhance your pronunciation, play with word stress AND use new words/phrases that says “I hear you!”   Listening actually improves the quality of our conversation. And you will become memorable. That person. The one others want to talk to.  And believe it or not, when you LISTEN more, others will respond to you better.

Enjoy this lesson, and please contact me and tell me how you are doing in this process! CONTACT ME anytime. I would love to hear from you.