Oh No! Pronouncing O

Pronunciation Roadblocks For Saying “O”        Can Vary

While many people are good at saying the first part of the sound, MOST do not say the crucial second part.  Everyone will wonder how you did it,  HERE IS THE KEY TO SOUNDING GREAT

Spelling Guide for the O pronunciation

OA- road, coat, boat, toast, foam
OW- snow, low, know, slow, window, bowl, own (not- down town)
O- no, don’t, home, only, comb
OUGH- though, although, dough (not- thought or cough)
OL- bold, bolt, coal, fold
EW- sew (not- “new”)

Linking words

When the first word ends in the O sound and the next word begins with a vowel, add a W sound. (confused? Listen here.

Place a /w/ sound when you see this ^ symbol.

1.  Go^away.        “go-wa-way”
2. Go^on.         “go-w’on”
3. No^I don’t think so.         “No-wai don’t think so”
4. Is the window^open?          “Is the window-w’open?”
5. coincidence =  co^incidence
6. cooperate =  co^operate

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