Pronouncing AND in everyday conversations

Understanding the English Melody

Let’s give some attention to those tiny, small words when we are talking.

Understanding the English melody, or the musicality of speaking, is an ebb and flow of emphasizing main words and reducing the little insignificant words in the same phrase.  After all, we have to reduce some words in order to highlight the main words.

The real English pronunciation for “and”

This is a fun practice. To reduce the word and, put your tongue tip upward behind your front teeth.  While you hold your tongue upwards, make a little sound as if you are saying “in”.

Practice sentences- Listen to this podcast and repeat aloud!

Reduce the word and to “in” I will write it like this  ‘n
Attach this small sound to the word before and
1. cream and sugar. Say cream-‘n (and)
“cream’n” or “cream-min”
I like cream’n  sugar in my coffee.
2. black and gold
“black’n gold” or “black-kin gold”
The colors of our football team are black and gold.
3. salt and pepper
“salt’n pepper” or “salt-tin pepper”
Please pass the salt and pepper.
4. mom and dad
“mom’n dad” or “mom-min dad”
My mom and dad are coming over.
5. wait and see
“wait’n see” or
Let’s wait and see.
6. sings and dances
“sings’n dances” or “sings-zin dances”
She sings and dances
There are many names of stores in the United States that embrace the reduction of “and”.  This is not the correct way to spell the word. Yet, it emphasizes the point about reducing the word to a very small  “in” or “n” sound!
Do not reduce “and” when you are writing! 

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