Pronouncing “Of”- A Small Word That Needs A Lot OF Work!

Today’s lesson can change your English from it sounds okay  to  you sound great!
 Say the word “of” flawlessly
while connecting “of” in your conversation

Listen to this lesson. The sentences used in this lesson are below

Record yourself reading this sentence.  If you have an iPhone or android, you download and use a free voice recorder app on your phone.         Twelve of us drove to the river.
Linking the word  OF
Practice connecting this small word with the word before it. The lines between the words are for you to practice connecting them.
The bold words are the main words. We say these words bigger, and we reduce the small words so that you can’t hear them as well. Remember the word “of” is a small word.
1.a  cuof
2.a cuof coffee
3.a cuof tea
4.a loof
5. a loof apples
6. That’s a loof money!
7. I had a loof calls to make.
8. a boof
9. She ate a boof chocolates.
10. One of  us
11. One of us will have to go.
How do you sound? Need some advice?
Please let us know! You can comment or ask a question below.