Ordering At Starbucks-Varieties of Coffee and L Sounds!

Practice the American English pronunciation when learning how to order sizes, flavors and menu choices from Starbucks. Let’s listen to some of the L pronunciations. I guarantee you will learn a new pronunciation in this lesson! Listen to this recording and review the words listed below.

Pronouncing the Dark L in words.

There are a few ways to pronounce L. The common sound is called a Light L. It is what I would consider the “normal L” that you hear in the beginning and sometimes middle of words. Place the tip of your tongue upwards and make contact on your upper palate- right behind your front teeth- while allowing air to escape out the sides of your tongue. “La-La-La”

Another L sound is called the Dark L. That sounds mysterious! And it is. The tongue position is the same as the light L, however drop the back of your tongue and make this low, flat, throaty L sound. That’s it!

Here are some words from Starbucks menu using the dark L

double- “da-biL”
triple- “tri-biL”
caramel- “kar-miL”
hazelnut- “ha-ziL-nut”

Pronouncing an Approximate L

Again, raise your tongue upwards behind your upper front teeth. But Wait! Before your tongue touches your upper palate- you are already saying the next sound. When I say “milk” I am not fully pronouncing the “La-La” type of L.  Listen to this recording for guidance!

milk- “mi-iL-k”
whole- “hoL”  ( What is your tongue doing when you say “whole” in  the 2-word combo “whole milk”)
 Note: When I say “whole” alone, I will say a full back-L sound. However in conversations I will attach this word with the next word. In this lesson we are saying “whole milk”. So we are attaching the word “whole” with “milk”.  While I am connecting these words, I do not say a full L sound. Your tongue should not reach the roof of your mouth.

Pronouncing The disappearing L

Sometimes a word is spelled with an L but there is no L sound. Sheesh! What is that all about?

Practice NO L sound with the word half

half-and-half  “haf”

EXTRA! Practice reducing the word “and” to “-n”  Say “haf-‘n-haf”

Pretend you are going to order at Starbucks. Put some of these L words together and write a coffee order. Do you need some more information about how to order? Look on their website https://www.starbucks.com

Write a pretend order in the comments below so that we all can practice together!

Let’s meet for a cup of coffee together 🙂