PODCAST Use Your Air Wisely- Pronouncing P-T-K

Here is a lesson about when we say a sound using aspiration (a puff of air) and when we do not use a puff of air.

English can be so confusing but I know this recording will help you!



Check out these words! You can repeat them with me from the recording below

Using Air->  pot    sounds like   “phot”

No Air->      spot   sounds like sbot”


Air->    top   sounds like  “thop”

No Air-> stop sounds like sdop”


Air->  cat sounds like  “khat” 

No Air->  scat sounds likesgat”


More Words from the Recording. Can you figure out what they sound like now?

Say these with air-> port and peach

No Air -> sport     speech    asparagus   dispute


Say these with air-> table and tick

No air-> stable    stick    investigate    instant


Say these with air-> cool and kit

No air-> school   skit   rescue    basket

Good Luck! If you have any questions, please comment below or send an email!