PODCAST-When to Say W In Words Spelled With WH

Who “hu”  said Whole “hol” Wheat “weeet”?

In North American English there are many words that begin with the letters WH and are pronounced with an /h/ sound.

Phonetically, you may see it written like this
/hw/or /h/ = “h”
Here are some /h/ sounding words. Most follow a rounded vowel sound like /o/ or /u/

Who    Who’s/Whose    Whom    Whole

Some wh-words that also have a rounded vowel following but are pronounced with a W
whoa!    whoops     whooper      whoosh

Examples of other WH words – pronounced with a W
What?    Where?    Why?    Which?    When?
wheat    whale    whirl    whip

Do you have any WH words that are confusing or interesting to talk about?  Send a comments below.